Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gossip; Taylor Swift, Actually a Virgin, Saving Herself For Calvin Harris?!

Taylor Swift, global music superstar and pop culture icon, is still a virgin and saving herself for the "right guy," according to a surprising new report.
Moreover, she thinks new boyfriend Calvin Harris may just be him.

While she may well be the Hottest Woman Alive (Maxim said it) Taylor Swift knows she is not sexy ... or at least doesn't want to engage in sex.
The star, now 25, vowed a long time ago not to have sex with a man until she was in a serious and committed relationship with one she trusts.
Whispers that Taylor Swift is a prude who won't put out are nothing knew, but if this report is somehow true, she has really stuck to her guns.
A source notes: "She has been linked to so many famous and eligible bachelors. But, at the end of the day she just wants to be wined and dined."
"She is not going to just 'lie down' with anyone.”
That we believe, but what about rumors that she supposedly lost her virginity to one famous ex who them broke up with her via text message?
As that story goes, she had indeed been “saving herself for marriage” but was so smitten with this star that she gave it up, only to get dumped.
Naturally, this inspired a hit song.
      Whether she's been 100 percent abstinent or a "born-again virgin" saving herself for Mr. Right after getting burned, her resume is unreal.
Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lauter, John Mayer, Harry Styles ... we could go on. For years, the roster of stars Swift dated grew longer and longer.
After a long break from the dating game, she's recently thrown herself back in, and the list may soon end at Calvin Harris, the 31-year-old DJ.
Swift is reportedly convinced Harris is “The One” and will likely consummate the relationship with him. The insider explained of this couple:
      “Taylor needs an emotional connection ... she wants the perfect guy, someone she trusts completely and feels comfortable having sex with.”
Apparently, that perfect guy is Calvin Harris.
What do you make of this? Is it really possible that Tay's long list of ex-lovers were not literally lovers? And is Harris really "forever" material?


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