Sunday, June 7, 2015

Most Famous Formula One Drivers in 2015 in The World

Formula one is one of the most watched motor races in the world with remarkable audience of 450 million. The cars are known to be the fastest among the road course cars with a maximum speed of up to 220mph. About half of the competition takes places in Europe with the remaining occurring in other parts of the world. Formula one drivers are well paid not only because of their driving skills but also for sacrificing their lives to make sure that every fan is fully entertained. As a result, this segment stipulates the top most famous formula one drivers in 2015.
Romain Grosjean is a professional race car driver who currently represents France in the formula one competition. He was born of 17th April 1986 in Switzerland where he currently stays. He made his first appearance in 2009 and presently competes under the lotus team. Despite being entangled in a number of crushes in 2012, Romain has won a number of races including the GP2 Asia series and the 2007, formula three euro series. He is currently enjoying up to $1.37 million annual salary.
9. Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez is a 24 years old professional F1 driver who debuted in 2012 at the Malaysian Grand Prix. He was under the tutelage of Ferrari Academy before signing to McLaren in 2013. Apart from his professional duties, Perez is a renowned philanthropist who established Checo Perez foundation to support Orphans and children with cancer. He is presently signed to Force India and has an outstanding annual salary of $2 million.
8. Kimi Raikkonen
Also known the Ice Man, Kimi is a 35 years old Finish who is currently representing Ferrari in the Formula one race. He made his debut in 2001 driving Sauber Petronas before signing to McLaren in 2001. He officially became the highest paid F1 driver in 2007 with an annual salary of $51 million after joining the Ferrari team. He also won the F1 Drivers Championships in the same year after appearing in four podium places. He has an annual salary of $4.1 million.
7. Felipe Massa
Felipe Massa is a renowned Brazilian professional F1 driver who is presently signed to the Williams team. The 34 years old began his career in 2003 as a Sauber driver after which he joined the Scuderia Ferrari. He was the first runners up in the 2008 Drivers’ Championships after a tight race with Lewis Hamilton. He became the first Brazilian driver to win at home since the coveted Aryton Senna. He is currently earning up $8.2 million every year.
6. Mark Webber
Mark Webber is the first thing that comes on my mind whenever you mention Red Bull. His team was dominated numerous races from 2010 to 2013 before his retirement at the end of that season. The Australian finished third in three consecutive seasons of 2010, 2011 and 2013. He even said that this was the best way of ending is career. With an annual salary of $13.7million, he is presently taking part in the World Endurance Championships which is solely meant for testing cars’ durability.
5. Nico Rosberg
He is one of the most successful F1 drivers that can never go unmentioned. He was born on 27th June 1985 and is currently representing the Mercedes Team. He has enjoyed numerous achievements since beginning his career including 9 Grand Prix and finishing second in the 2014 World Championships. This was actually his biggest achievement even though he lost to team mate Lewis Hamilton. He is entitled to a salary of $15 million every year.
4. Sebastian Vettel
He is one of the most skilled dominant drivers in the modern day F1 competitions. He won three consecutive Drivers’ Championships in the years 2010 to 2013 under Red Bull team. The 27 years old began his career in 2007 representing Sauber before joining the Toro Rosso team. He has never left Red Bull since joining them in 2009. He is currently enjoying a wonderful salary of up to $16.4 million each year.
3. Jenson Button
Jenson button has been in the competition for a while now since debuting in 2009 under the Williams Team. In 2009, his Honda team decided to quit the completion leaving him without a car. The team was later saved by Ross Brawn and he won his first Drivers’ Championship the same year. He finished second in the 2010s championships under McLaren and 5th in 2013. Even though the 2014/2015 season hasn’t been good, he enjoys an annual salary of $21.9 million.
2. Fernando Alonso
He is a 33 years old Spanish who is currently signed to Ferrari a Formula one team. He debuted in 2001 and has enjoyed numerous successes since then. His major achievement came in 2005 after winning the Drivers’ Championship at the age of 24. He has represented Ferrari team since 2010 and enjoys an annual salary of $27.4 million making him one of the top paid F1 drivers.
1. Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton needs no introduction since the latter can never be excluded whenever F1 drivers are being mentioned. The British driver is currently representing the Mercedes Team and had a remarkable season in 2014 and is presently leading with 111 points in the 2015 season. He stayed with McLaren for after his debut in 2007. He is entitled to an annual salary of $27.4 million making him the top paid driver alongside Fernando Alonso.


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